Composite Mats

Super Heavy Mobile Road System


MRS – heavy soil protection plates are screwed together. The result is a fixed, both in length and width, driveway or working platform. The load-bearing capacity of the ground is optimized considerably. The panels are designed for particularly heavy loads and vehicles.

  • Temporary access roads to the construction site
  • Crane and assembly platforms (e.g. wind energy)
  • In power line construction, etc.


MRS – heavy panels are easier to transport than most alternative road panels for temporary use. Therefore, multiple mats can be loaded on trucks or in containers, which reduces transportation costs.

66 MRS – heavy panels correspond to an area of 5683 square feet which can be transported on one truck.

Safe stand for cranes

Wind power plant construction

Road construction and access roads

Heavy load transportation

Power line construction

Open air concerts and events

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